FSAirlines Europe Routes

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

WooP Air Now has the following regional routes:

UK - Regional return Routes between approx. 50 Airports (Scheduled flights)

Europe - A current work in progress is to add all European Regional return routes between the top airports in each respective country. As routes for each airport are added the ICAO codes will be shown below beside their country.

Albania LATI

Armenia UDYZ, UDSG


Azerbaijan UBBB, UBBQ

Belarus UMLI

Belgium EBBR

Bosnia and Herzegovina LQSA

Bulgaria LBSF

Croatia LDDU

Cyprus LCLK

Czechia LKPR

Denmark EKCH

Estonia EETN

Finland EFRO

France LFPG


Germany EDDF

Greece LGAV

Hungary LHBP

Iceland BIKF

Ireland EIDW

Italy LIRF

Kazakhstan UAAA

Kosovo BKPR

Latvia EVRA

Lithuania EYVI

Luxembourg ELLX

Malta LMML

Moldova LUKK

Montenegro LYPG

Netherlands EHAM

North Macedonia LWOH

Norway ENGM

Poland EPWA

Portugal LPPT

Romania LROP

Russia UUEE

Serbia LYBE

Slovakia LZIB

Slovenia LJLJ

Spain LEMD

Sweden ESSA

Switzerland LSZH

Turkey LTBA

Ukraine UKBB

United Kingdom EGLL

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