South Africa here we come!

We are happy to announce that Woop Air bought 15 (yes 15) FBos in South Africa, located on the west side, mostly close to Cape Town.

We will now start filling up our plane demands there, networks are already set up.

The airfields are as follows:

- FA0D De Aar Military

- FAAG Aggeneys

- FABW Beaufort West

- FACB Colesberg

- FAGJ Gifvlei

- FAKZ Kleinzee

- FALS Somersveld

- FAMY Malmesbury

- FAPA Port Alfred

- FAPC Prince Albert

- FAPD Pofadder

- FARS Robertson

- FASD Saldanha-Vredenburg

- FAST Somerset East

- FASX Hendrik Swellengrebel

The airports are mostly asphalt runways, but some are as well dirt and gravel for max enjoyment :D

Happy flying!

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